The competent authority to issue Disability Certificate shall be a Medical Board duly constituted by the Central or a State Government. The Central/State Government may constitute Medical Board(s) consisting of at least three members out of which at least one shall be a specialist in the particular field for assessing locomotor/cerebral/visual/hearing disability, as the case may be.

Visually Handicapped candidates/those candidates whose writing speed is affected by Cerebral Palsy can avail the assistance of SCRIBE for writing answers on their behalf. For engaging the SCRIBE, the candidate will have to suitably inform the RRB in advance as per the format given below.

The engagement of SCRIBE will be subject to the following conditions:
(a) The candidates will have to arrange their own SCRIBES at their own cost during the examination. Separate Admit Cards will be issued to the SCRIBES accompanying the Visually Handicapped candidates. Admit cards should contain the particulars and photograph of the SCRIBE duly signed by him/her.
(b) The academic qualification of the SCRIBE should be one grade below the qualification prescribed for the post for which recruitment is being made.
(c) The SCRIBE can be from any academic discipline different from that of the candidate. He/She should not have secured more than 60% marks in the qualification mentioned at (b) above.
(d) The candidates as well as the SCRIBE will have to give a suitable undertaking (in the prescribed format) along with the application conforming that the SCRIBE fulfills all the stipulated eligibility criteria for a SCRIBE as mentioned above. In case it transpires later that he/she did not fulfill any of the laid down eligibility criteria or there has been suppression of material facts, the candidature of the applicant will stand cancelled irrespective of the result of the examination. The Visually Handicapped candidate shall be responsible for any misconduct on the part of the scribe brought by him/her. The undertaking should be submitted by the Visually Handicapped candidates/candidates whose writing speed is affected by Cerebral Palsy, along with his/her application. All one eyed candidates and VH candidates whose visual degree of disability is less than 40% shall not be considered as Visually Handicapped persons and the provision of engaging SCRIBE shall not be applicable to them.