The Indian Railway is positively the support system of the country with its praiseworthy show ever since the last 150 years. Indian Railways is recognized to be the biggest railway network in Asia and world’s leading railway system under a single administration. IR staff which is nearly one and half a million people is making itself the subsequent largest profitable or utility employer in the world.

Indian Railways swank of approximately 7,600 railway stations in its side-line. It has a fleet of more than 7800 locomotives, approximately 40,000 coaches and nearly 3,26,000 wagons. About 18 of Rajdhani and 26 of Shatabdi Express Trains commute on the rail lines of India. In 1977, the National Rail Museum was founded at New Delhi. Given here is a record offering some fascinating and astonishing facts about Indian Railways.

Indian Railway Some Facts 11. First traveler Train commuted On: 16th April 1853 and that was between Bombay to Thane.
2. First Rail Tunnel was the Parsik Tunnel
3. First Ghats those were enclosed by the Rail lines were Thal and Bhore Ghats
4. First Underground Railway that was opened for public use was Calcutta METRO
5. First Reservation through the computer System commenced in New Delhi in the year 1986
6. First Electric coach ran on the 3rd Feb’ 1925 between Bombay VT and Kurla stations
7. The Shortest Station Name is Ib which is present in the state of Orissa
8. The most busy Railway Station is Lucknow where 64 trains arrive daily everyday.
9. Longest Run time taken by the train is Himsagar Express that moves from Jammu to Kanyakumari and covers a distance 3751 km in 74 hours and 55 minutes
10. Shortest Run is the Route between Nagpur to Ajni which is just 3km
11. Longest Non-Stop Run is the distance between Trivandrum Rajdhani which covers the distance of 528 km in six and half hours.
12. Longest Tunnel is on Konkan Railway between Monkey hill Khandala which is about six and half kilometer.
13. Heritage Train: Darjeeling Himalayan Railways, commuting from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling, a hill station at the height of 2134 meters has achieved the World Heritage Status from UNESCO.
14. Indian Railways Daily Carries around 11 million travelers and 1 million tonnes of freight
15. The Fastest Train in the Indian Railways that starts from Bhopal-Shatabdi moves at a speed up to 140 Kms per hour.
16. Staff Employed in Indian Railways is approximately one and a half million which makes it one of the biggest employer of the world.