Diesel Loco Modernization Works 1Diesel-Loco Modernisation Works, formerly Diesel Component works, is located in Patiala in the Indian state of Punjab. Diesel-Loco Modernisation Works was setup in the year 1981 to extend the service life of Diesel Locomotives of the Indian Railways and significantly raise the level of their availability.

  • Manufacture and supply of high quality components and sub-assemblies as spares.
  • Manufacture of Components hitherto imported achieving import substitution and timely availability
  • Re-manufacture of critical assemblies for the unit exchange system of the Diesel Locomotives maintenance system of the Railways.
  • Rebuilding Locomotives and power packs and turning them out in state- of-the-art condition. Retrofitting the locomotives with systems incorporating latest technological development in this process.

DMW – Diesel Loco Modernization Works was set up in 1981 with the assistance of World Bank. At that time Industries in India were not fully developed to manufacture diesel engine precision components to carry out the remanufacturing of various traction machines & engine blocks.

DMW started the components manufacturing in 1986 along with the remanufacturing of traction machines & engine blocks. Need was also felt for rebuilding of locomotives to enhance performance of locomotives by incorporating latest technological upgradations and all RDSO modifications. It was expected that with the rebuilding of locos after 18 years, the locos would become fuel efficient, shall haul heavier loads and shall be fitted with latest modern less maintenance intensive sub-assemblies and assemblies. Accordingly the rebuilding was started in DMW in 1989. The shops which were set up for component manufacturing and remanufacturing of traction machines and engine blocks are under Phase-I of the project. The major shops in Phase-I are:

Shops set up under Phase-I of the project are called
Manufacturing shops

  • Light Machine Shop
  • Heat Treatment Shop
  • Traction Machine Shop
  • Heavy Machine Shop
  • Cylinder Liner Shop
  • Carbon Brush Shop
  • Plant Maintenance Shops
  • Tool Room, Main Receiving Station and other support facilities

Diesel Loco Modernization Works 2Shops which came up in Phase-II i.e. when the facilities were being created for rebuilding of locomotives are under Phase-II and the shops are:
Shops set up under Phase-II of the project are called

Rebuilding shops

  • Loco Rebuilding Shop
  • Power Pack Shop
  • Bogie Shop
  • Transmission Repair Shop
  • Air Brake & Pipe Shop
  • Loco Test & Paint Facilities

DMW Product Range
DMW is engaged to manufacture various diesel components along with rebuilding of diesel electric locomotives and power packs. The activities & products are given below:

  • Mid life rebuilding/ reconditioning of WDM2 ALCO locomotive. Upgrading them from 2600HP to 3100HP and 3300 HP.
  • Incorporating various modifications to enhance the efficiency, reliability, safety of locomotive.
  • Manufacture of various type of carbon brushes used on traction machines of WDM2, WDM3A, YDM4, WDG4, WDM3C, DMU.
  • DMW can undertake rebuilding of other ALCO locos received.
  • Rewinding/ reconditioning of traction motors, traction generator & traction alternators of locomotives.
  • Reconditioning of engine block of ALCO locomotives.
  • Reconditioning of power pack.
  • Reconditioning of CO-CO Bogies.
  • Manufacturing components for the above mentioned sub-assemblies.
  • The components used for these locos which are purchased from trade can also be supplied.
  • Various items of meter gauge locos such as YDM4 are also manufactured & supplied.

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