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Delhi Safdarjung


delhi SafdarjungDelhi Safdarjung Station (codenamed DSJ) is one of the satellite stations of the New Delhi station located between Sarojini Nagar and Chanakyapuri Railway stations. This station was built as part of the Ring Railway, parallel to the ring road network. Delhi Safdarjung station is near the AIIMS Metro and INA Metro stations on the Delhi Metro Rail Network. The station is under the operational control of Delhi division and under the supervision of Northern Railway zone. The central Hazrat Nizamuddin station is located at 8 Kilometers from this station, New Delhi station is at 15 Kilometers, and Gurgaon is at 34 Kilometers from Safdarjung station.

The station is equipped with basic passenger amenities and has three platforms. The waiting halls are well insulated, drinking water is supplied, computerized ticket systems and other modernized equipments are provided at the Delhi Safdarjung railway station.

SafdarjungAbout Safdarjung:
Safdar Jung was the Subadar Nawab of Oudh (the ruler of the Indian state of Oudh, also known as Awadh) from 19 March 1739 to 5 October 1754.He was a descendant of Qara Yusuf from the Kara Koyunlu.In 1739 he succeeded his father-in-law and maternal uncle, the Burhan ul Mulk Saadat Ali Khan I to the throne of Oudh, apparently by paying Nadir Shah twenty million rupees. The Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah gave him the title of “Safdarjung”.Safdarjung was an able administrator. He was not only effective in keeping control of Oudh, but also managed to render valuable assistance to the weakened Muhammad Shah. He was soon given governorship of Kashmir as well, and became a central figure at the Delhi court. During the later years of Muhammad Shah, he gained complete control of administration in the Mughal Empire. When Ahmad Shah Bahadur ascended the throne at Delhi in 1748, Safdarjung became his Wazir ul-Mamalik-i-Hindustan or Chief Minister of Hindustan. He was also made the governor of Ajmer and became the “Faujdar” of Narnaul. However, court politics eventually overtook him and he was dismissed in 1753.He returned to Oudh in December 1753, and made Faizabad military headquarter. He died in October 1755 at the age of 46 years in Sultanpur near Faizabad.

Some Trains are passes through Safdarjung Station
14623:Patalkot Express
12549:Durg-Jammu Tawi Super Fast Express
14624:Patalkot Express
22941:INBD Jammu Tawi Super Fast Express
22942:Jammu Tawi Indore (BG) Super Fast Express
12550:Jammu Tawi – Durg Super Fast Express

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