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The-Ernakulam-JunctionErnakulam Junction  is the largest railway station in the city of Kochi. The station has six platforms and two terminals (the Main entry and the Eastern entry). It is a junction, joining lines going in four different directions namely: north towards Shornur, south towards Alappuzha, south-west towards Willingdon Island and east towards Kottayam. This station has 6 platforms to handle long distance trains and local trains.

The station is operated by the Southern Railway zone of the Indian Railways and comes under the Thiruvananthapuram railway division. It is one of the major railway stations in Kerala with trains to any part of India and also one of the A1 graded stations in the Southern Railway. The Station also has a Train Care Centre in its premises.

Another major railway station in downtown Kochi is the Ernakulam Town Railway Station. Besides this there are numerous railway stations in the Greater Cochin Region. Because of the loop structure of the tracks, traRAILWAY-TRACK_1885151gins going from the Thrissur side to the Kottayam side via Ernakulam Junction have to reverse their directions, whereas those going to the Alappuzha do not face this problem.
Ernakulam refers to the eastern, mainland portion of the city of Kochi in central Kerala, India. The city is the most urban part of Kochi and has lent its name to the Ernakulam district. Ernakulam is called the commercial capital of the state of Kerala.[1] The Kerala High Court, the Office of the Corporation of Cochin and the Cochin Stock Exchange are situated here. The Ernakulam part of Kochi city just comprises the postal pin codes 682011,682016,682018,682031 and 682035. The Ernakulam Junction or South station, Ernakulam Town or North Station and Ernakulam Terminus(now defunct) railway stations of the Indian Railways lies in Ernakulam. Initially, Ernakulam was the headquarters of the Ernakulam District but was later shifted to Kakkanad. Ernakulam was once the capital of the Kingdom of Cochin. It is located 220 kilometres (137 mi) towards north-west of the state capital Thiruvananthapuram.

ernakulamErnakulam Junction Railway Station is the one of the busiest railway station in Kerala. Ernakulam railway stations is located close to the town’s main shopping area situated on MG Road.[5] The Southern Railway Zone of the Indian Railways operates the main rail transport system in Ernakulam. There are two railway stations in Ernakulam City. Ernakulam Town railway station, it is situated in the northern part of the city and the stopping point for trains going towards mainly to Kottayam side in the south. Ernakulam Junction Railway Station, it is a junction and departing station of passengers, express trains, the stopping point for trains going towards south side Alappuzha.The Station also has a Train Care Centre in its premises. 21 trains originates from Ernakulam Junction. There is also a small railway station at Edappally.

Ernakulam Diesel Loco Shed is the only loco shed in the state of Kerala. The Diesel Loco Shed was set up in 1982 and handles around 56 diesel locomotives a month and employees 373 personnel. It is the southernmost locoshed in Indian Railways. It is mainly concentrating the maintenance of locos WDM-2, WDM-3A, WDS-6 and WDM-7 locos.

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