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Rewari.jpg1Rewari railway junction station code RE, is a major railway station of the Indian Railways serving the city of Rewari in the Indian state of Haryana. It is in the Jaipur Division of the North Western Railway zone and lies on the Delhi-Ajmer-Ahmedabad route. Six railway lines branch out from this railway station. The seventh railway line from Rewari will be laid as a dedicated freight railway line as a part of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor.Rewari railway station was established in 1873 after the 82 km long first commercial 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in) metre gauge railway track in India was laid from Delhi railway station to Rewari by Rajputana State Railway in 1872.[2][3] A 41 km long segment of the railway line had been laid a year earlier from Delhi to Garhi Harsaru that catered to existing flourishing salt production works (from underground brine) at Farrukhnagar, 12 km to its west. The railway line was extended from Rewari to Alwar and Bandikui in 1874 and then to Jaipur and Ajmer in 1875 by Rajputana-Malwa Railway and eventually to Palanpur in Gujarat in 1881 from where a metre gauge track had already been built to Ahmedabad in 1879. Rewari became a railway junction when more metre gauge railway lines were laid from Rewari in other directions

Over time, railway lines were laid from Rewari to Bikaner via Loharu, Sadulpur, Churu and Ratangarh; to Bhiwani and Hisar to connect with Bhatinda (completed in 1884 by Rajputana-Malwa Railway[4][5]) and Ludhiana; and to Phulera via Narnaul, Neem-Ka-Thana and Ringas (laid in 1905). Eventually five metre gauge tracks branched out from Rewari. All metre gauge trains starting from (and terminating at) Delhi railway junction (station code DLI) to Punjab, Rajputana, Saurashtra, Kutch and north Gujarat regions passed through Rewari station.
The management of Rajputana-Malwa Railways (and Rewari railway station) was transferred to Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway (BBCI) in 1889. BBCI became Western Railway in 1951. Delhi-Rewari-Bikaner railway line was transferred to Bikaner Division of newly formed Northern Railway zone in 1952 while Rewari-Jaipur and Rewari-Ringas-Phulera sections remained in Western Railway

Rewari-Delhi railway line was transferred from Bikaner Division of Northern Railway to Delhi Division of Northern Railway on formation of North Western Railway zone in 2002 but Rewari railway junction itself remained in North Western Railway zone. The recently commissioned Rewari-Rohtak track is in Delhi Division of Northern Railway. The remaining four tracks branching out from Rewari railway station belong to North Western Railway zone. Rewari station itself is in the Jaipur Division of North Western Railway zone

rewari2Rewari was the world’s oldest and largest commercial metre gauge railway junction until 2010 when this fact became a part of history.[10] Rewari is now one of the largest railway junctions in India with six railway lines converging here. Only one railway junction in India, namely Mathura Junction, has seven railway lines converging there. Rewari will also have seven railway lines when the railway line from Rewari to Asaoti railway station north of Palwal on the Mathura-Palwal-Tughlakabad main railway line is laid as a dedicated freight railway line as a part of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor in a few years

Rewari is a major transit station for freight traffic from Bombay, Kandla and other ports in western India towards Delhi and northern states of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu-Kashmir. As the railway tracks from Kandla, Pipavav, Mundra and other ports in Saurashtra to Ahmedabad and Palanpur and then to Rewari via Ringas are not electrified, freight trains (goods trains) with containers double-stacked ply on this route to Rewari junction and then take the containers further north from Rewari. Infringements like low road overbridges and foot overbridges that fouled with double-stacked containers were either dismantled or raised in years 2004-06 for running these freight trains

Before 2008, metre gauge trains from Rewari terminated at Delhi and there was no direct train from Rewari to east or south of Delhi or beyond Ahmedabad in the west. Rewari was also not connected by metre gauge trains with metre gauge railway networks of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and South India. Now Rewari railway station is connected by trains with all major cities of India. Rewari railway station’s location on the Delhi-Ajmer-Ahmedabad trunk route and on the route to Punjab makes it an important railway junction. Numerous express and superfast trains from all over the country pass through it. About 90 trains (45 pairs of trains) originate or stop at Rewari railway station as on November 2012.

Rewari is a major junction on the Indian railway network. It has connections to major cities in India by direct trains and is a major freight transit station. Therefore Ahmedabad-Rewari-Ludhiana trunk route is being doubled to cater to ever increasing containerised freight trains. The Delhi-Rewari railway line had double metre gauge track earlier; now it has double broad gauge track since 2008. The Rewari-Ajmer railway line via Bandikui and Jaipur has double track since 2011. The doubling of the track from Ajmer to Ahmedabad has been approved and will take a few years for execution. The track to Hisar towards Ludhiana is being doubled and already a segment has been doubled.

RewariSome trains passing via Rewari Station
Nldm Jp Special (04552)
Jp Nldm Special (04551)
Delhi Sr Express (19263)
Aii Jan Shatabd (12066)
Asr Jp Express (19782)
Jp Asr Express (19781)
Jaipur Asr Express (19771)
Hw Aii Special (09639)
Aii Cdg G Rath (12983)
Apdj Aii Special (05711)
Chetak Express (12982)
Asr Aii Express (19614)
Udz Njp Express (19601)
Jsm Dli Express (14660)
Dee Bdts Express (19030)
Ala Hazrat Express (14312)
Dee Porbndr Express (19264)
Cdg Bdts Superfast Express (22452)
Ashram Express (12915)
Aii Sln Express (19603)
Jsm Hwh Superfast Express (12372)

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