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Indian Railway or have not appointed any agents or coaching centers for acting on its behalf. Candidates are cautioned against any false claims made by any unscrupulous persons/agencies of getting them selected in this recruitment on illegal consideration. Candidates are also warned to avoid any unscrupulous elements who may assure appointment in railways by seeking bribe in cash or in kind or any other inducement, and are advised not to fall in their trap. The recruitment process conducted by RRC is fully computerized and the selection is based purely on merit of the candidates. If you come across any such persons/agencies, please do inform Dy. Chief Personnel Officer (Recruitment) at Railway Recruitment Cell in your Zonal Office Railway Divison.

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The largest civilian employer in the world, the Indian railways employ nearly 1.5 million people. A career with the railways is both secure and rewarding as this is a recession proof sector with excellent growth prospects.The Indian Railways have been divided into several zones for the purpose of administration. There are several divisions and departments under each zone. Each division has a certain number of technical and non-technical departments. READ MORE...

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indian railway jobs warningBeware of Touts and job racketeers trying to deceive you by false promises of securing job in Railways either through influence or by use of unfair and unethical means. RRB has not appointed any agent(s) or coaching center(s) for action on its behalf. Candidates are warned against any such claims being made by persons/agencies. Candidates are selected purely as per merit. Please beware of unscrupulous elements and do not fall in their trap. Candidates attempting to influence RRB directly or indirectly, shall be disqualified and legal action can be initiated against them by Indian Railway.fusion mobile

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